Well the end is here.

There were plenty of doubts going into the festival which you probably have heard: “Who the f are these headliners?” “Are they gonna be able to sell two full weekends??” In general, the weekend proved while we are no Coachella… we like it that way. Almost every artist commented on how much they loved Austin (seemed like everyone had a shoutout to SXSW) – I’m pretty sure HAIM even asked why they hadn’t moved here yet. Thank you ACL… you really never disappoint.


These are my strongest impressions of ACL.. and if you saw similar shows, you can probably relate to a bunch of them:

Best Impressions

Ezra Keonig from Vampire Weekend is sexy even in a jumpsuit (he knows it too)

Purity Ring has the most hipster version of a drumset (lighting up orbs? I mean come on)

HAIM … “so what if we’re on like 1000 drugs when our music is damn good”

The overwhelming adult to youth ratio at Wilco proves we never have to stop going to these things

Although KOL played basically all new stuff, all any of us really needed to hear was Knocked Up, On Call, and TJG for it to be worth it

The lead singer of MS MR’s lime green hair >>>>>>>

Dawes will be making it big in about .5 seconds

Grouplove proved Cheetah bodysuits are still a thing (worn best with hightop converse)

You can’t hang with Phoenix unless you’re down to crowdsurf (gopro in hand)

  • Favorite bands of the weekend: Local Natives, HAIM, Dawes, Phoenix


Koozie’s are your best friend

On that note… Be prepared to sell your soul for the price of beer

There’s not a thing you can do about being 5’4

Hitting the merch tent on a Sunday will leave you with a whole bunch of XS’s

Navigating the maze of lawn chairs is an art form mastered by none

& — a special shout out to pledge rides

Cheers to the best weekend of the year my friends.



Generally speaking, I am not a fan of options. They seem to make everything more complicated. Like do I want a Fried Oreo or Fried Snickers at the State Fair? I know after the first bite of my Fried Oreo I am gonna be wondering about the Fried Snickers the whole damn time. FOMO is bound to happen when theres like 100+ options in one weekend. These are the most annoying scheduling conflicts of ACL and a thought process to decide how to make the call.


fun. vs. Local Natives

fun. – chance of seeing Lena Dunham on the little VIP side, We Are Young + Some Nights, crowd involvement, spot for Vampire Weekend

Local Natives – phenomenal mustaches & beards, some awesome instrumentals, Breakers + Airplanes + Columbia + Wide Eyes (probably the cool remix too) + Who Knows Who Cares

Winner: Local Natives

local natives

Vampire Weekend vs. Arctic Monkeys

Vampire Weekend – you might’ve seen them before but ALL your friends want to see them, tossing balloons around overhead, confetti, 3 albums worth of hits you probably know, also: Ezra Koenig

Arctic Monkeys – drunken guitar solos (if you saw the Strokes when they played… well yes that), hard rock and roll, feeling like a badass

Winner: Vampire Weekend unless you really know AM’s music

Vampire Weekend


Portugal the Man vs. Silverside Pickups

Portugal the Man – surprise you by how good they are live, american apparel hoodies in action, will enjoy it even if you haven’t heard it before

Silverside Pickups – Lazy Eye… Lazy Eye…. still really wanna see Lazy Eye

Winner: Stay at Portugal the Man till the very end. Make your way over to Silverside Pickups for their last song.


yes plz !

Passion Pit vs. Wilco

Passion Pit – chance to see them (even if it is 3 yrs late), Sleepyhead, high school nostalgia

Wilco – seriously devoted fans, GREAT chance to people watch some dads, after 20 years they know how to perform, spot for Kings of Leon

Winner: uuuggghh.. such a tie I say Passion Pit

passion pit

Kings of Leon vs. The Cure

Kings of Leon– for all those times you blared “Taper Jean Girl” in your car, beer drinking, dancing, hot young 20 somethings

The Cure– loyal fans, you might have already seen KOL and are indifferent towards recent album

Winner: KOL, why would you not see them again if you could?

kings of leon


Phosphorescent vs. Tame Impala

Phosphorescent – blissful, woozy tunes, hipsterville

Tame Impala– psychedelic melodies, closest you’ll to seeing Lennon on stage (bold claim, but supported)

Winner: Tame Impala, even if you don’t know them well, go, you’ll get the albums and be so glad you did