So I am finding it hard to write on music and not be annoying about it. I say this because almost all articles I have read about music make me either

  • Dislike the person writing it
  • Discredit their taste or
  • Find it all together pretentious.

Most times it feels as they are trying to project their opinions onto me. So I’m gonna try to NOT do this as best as I can. While my taste makes sense to me it often times doesn’t to others. Going along with that, I aim to make this ultimately a positive blog. No criticism, no problems.

Soooo T-4 days until Austin City Limits! In my opinion there are a TON of awesome bands. I can never decide what time to arrive though… I am always anxious and don’t want to miss anything. So if you are like me, this list is five bands that I believe are worth setting your alarm and seeing in the morning.



Wild Nothing – I think they are a perfect first band to open this years ACL. The band is definitely dream/pop and they’re performing on just about the biggest stage. You will probably have an awesome spot because it is so early anyway. See: Nocturne


Max Frost – One of the  people I am most excited for all weekend. He is FROM Austin which is so awesome, bc why not support local music? Basically he vocalizes over pretty cool electronic beats. Check out: White Lies

Dan Croll – Playing at the same time as Max Frost (ugh.. scheduling) but is probably equally as good. He’s British so bonus points, and has a bit more of an alternative vibe. You might already know: Compliment Your Soul

Autre Ne Veut – If you’re down for some weird pop, Autre Ne Veut reminds me a lot of Grimes. He is pretty electronic and will for sure be all about heavy bass in the show. Fair share of hipsters here I’m gonna guess, so be prepared for some sweet people watching. Listen to: Counting


Kodaline – !!!!! SO Good. Worth showing up early – I’m surprised they got such an early slot actually. They’re Irish, so well yeah, and they also are perfect to begin the last day. Easy going rhythms and lyrics will make it a very lighthearted show. Must listen to: Love Like This