There is a great allure to not understanding something. I find if I get tripped up on something challenging, I enjoy investing time to understand it. I think a lot of people get this vibe. That a challenge serves us good?

As far as music goes HAIM was a band I really misunderstood. I remember first seeing them on stage at ACL and thinking.. what/how is this happening? It was just 3 girls on stage drinking Budweisers and playing guitars. It was cool & incandescently different.

Since I saw them perform, I have noticed a rise in female rock bands in the public eye. Maybe this is because I began noticing them, but I really think HAIM broke the ceiling for female rock bands to start making headway in the music biz.

Dum Dum Girls is another all girl rock band that now is leading festivals. Since their making 6 years ago they have stayed pretty well underground. This year, they are considered a big headliner for SXSW & Coachella. A trend generally needs something avant-garde to grab attention and the hilarious group of sisters who just DGAF surely grabbed mine.

See HAIM 4/23 @ Stubbs (beware it’s sold out) – & check out a couple hits:


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