Ezra Koenig reviews… Drake


I’m late on this one… but Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig reviewed Drake’s NWTS and his review is flawless. It is a sarcastic stream of consciousness on Drake’s latest album. He begins his review by conceding, “I gotta be honest — I didn’t listen to the whole thing.” Someone finally said it. The album really does have its catchy moments (& I kind of love the intro) but it just really isn’t that deep. His commentary on Worst Behavior:

There are SO many motherfuckers out there. I’ve been making music since I was seven years old (started with piano) so I’ve been betrayed more times than I can count.

Ok yes. HAHAHA. And yes. The monumental song of the album stands upon a peak that reveals itself as a valley. There’s not a lot to it. I am not trying to bash Drake’s album but applaud Ezra’s criticism. He comments on pop culture’s transparencies: “People love him because he’s good!” and then continues to tell an allegory about a time when motherf***ers didn’t like him. The story follows his attempt to get approval from this Danish guy “Hans” as he and Panda Bear (of Animal Collective) chase him around NY. He of course never gets Hans’ approval and ends the review with a link to his myspace page. Ultimately, he makes clear he never intended to take his review seriously. Maybe he is being an elitist toward Drake’s new album or maybe he’s just drunk and having fun.


Retirement?… Really?

Justin Bieber is …. retiring. I have mixed emotions on this. Besides his (rather annoying) marketing, I don’t have any particular hate toward him. As a singer, I am sure he deserves his fair share of credibility. He is younger than me I think which makes me question his decision to retire (seeing as I haven’t even started work yet.) It is a little ambitious to retire before he even reaches 20 but hey, if his net worth actually is $130 million…. He can pretty much do WHATEVER he wants. And honestly, I feel a bit sympathetic to his most recent tweets:

“@justinbieber: The media talks a lot about me. They make a up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I’m never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle.”

No one wants ^^ this lifestyle for anyone. (Having millions of tweens calling themselves Beliebers.. hard pass). So I’m sympathetic… to a teen who posts 9/10 photos shirtless. Maybe.


Promised I wouldn’t comment about Miley on this blog… And it is tempting…….


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