Shows are a lovely thing aren’t they? Doesn’t matter how recently you have heard the music of the artist, they have the capability to bring back a range of emotions. Head and the Heart was a homebase for me “back in the day” (I know – not yet old enough to say that). The CD was locked in my jeep’s player which resulted in Cats and Dogs playing every time I turned it on. A warm smile covered my face as they rhythm returned.

As expected, the 6 part band enchanted the entire crowd. But what really stood out were the incredible lead isolated vocals. This included when Jonathan Russell climbed atop the 10″ speaker system at Stubbs to perform the solo of Another Story. With the help of 1,000 iphones ready to snap(chat) an identical shot, the moment proved memorable for all.


The swooning really began when Charity would join in. Her voice continued to be lusted after during the concert’s entirety. It has a certain soulfulness that helps to differentiate The Head and the Heart from the others. As the only girl in the group she holds her own instead of being a background piece. Her solo encore was met by roars of applause and the crowd’s satisfaction.

The final part of the encore left Down In the Valley still to be played. The band led with a different beat then settled into the more known melody. I just loved this. When artists know exactly what song we want and dangle it preciously in front of us. Just so great. After a beautiful performance, The Head and the Heart closed and invited us to come back the following night. I’m still wishing I could’ve went.


electric feel x henry green

Endless summer lives on. The warm weather never quite goes away in Austin until it absolutely has to. And music just resonates better in the warmth, doesn’t it? Boundless, bundle-less.

While the sunshine lasts I cannot stop vibeing (a verb? probably not) to this MGMT remix. Electric Feel is one of those songs that has an instantly recognizable beat. What makes this remix interesting is how Henry Green subdues that beat and almost even disguises it. The result feels quite dreamy and almost melancholic. Worth the time before winter finally does come