So this upcoming week I am going to try to write a blog post  everyday leading up to the first weekend of Austin City Limits. This post will kind of function as a guide for those who are trying to figure out the best way to do it this year, I sectioned it out and hopefully you can typecast yourself.


For the “Bro…. ACL’s lineup was just lame this year” (high schoolers, select frat guys)

  • Kendrick Lamar is just about the only guy you are actually excited for this festival. Don’t miss Backstreet Freestyle for a solid grind sesh and a chance to yell at friends hogging the annual Everclear shots
  • Internally debate whether to head back for your frat post-party or to sing along to about 2.5 songs at Kings of Leon (Use Somebody/Sex on Fire)
  • Trip out with your friends at Kaskade and distance yourself far from all those hipsters
  • Key to the festival – Power-through holding hot girls on your shoulders when all you really want is a bottle of water
    • Bonus points for a scorpion make out

For the “music elitist”

  • Make sure to yell over HAIM’s “Don’t Save Me” that you have seen this song performed better “like 3 or 4 times before this” to your neighbor
  • Definitely avoid Vampire Weekend because they were only good when others didn’t like them
  • VERY IMPORTANT – casually bring up in every conversation the amount of straight years you have been attending ACL & your aftershow schedule
  • Key to the festival – Arrive for the 11 AM shows and leave around 4 when the bands start getting very “radio-y”

For the “hipster themed weekend” girls

  • Hit up Free People three separate times this week to get the perfect outfit that shows how independent your spirit truly is
  • DO NOT under any circumstances forget your flower headband **Cardinal rule
    • And remember – if you don’t Instagram it… it’s like it never happened. I don’t care how bad your cell service is!!
  • Make shit up about your opinion on Atoms for Peace (but where’s Bon Iver?? I loved him…)
  • Key to the festival – Leave show immediately if another girl is wearing the same shirt as you (but you look better anyway so it’s fine)

Believe me… I’m guilty of annoying stuff too, it’s all in good fun.



Last night Alt-J (or ∆ — which is actually perfect) performed at Stubb’s and killed it.

After leaving my family in Houston for a rainy 3 hour drive back to Austin, I headed to dinner on Rainey St. to meet some friends pre-concert. Based on the crowd, around 7 o’clock we were expecting every person at Banger’s to get up and head to the same place as us

 B angers

Once we reached Stubb’s, we grabbed some Lonestars and settled into our spots in the lazy humidity that was covering the night. It never rained, it just hovered on the edge, which gave the entire evening this particular aura. As Lord Huron walked on stage the entire crowd lit up, eyes wide. I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the songs sounded, mostly because I crammed hardcore before the concert, but also mostly because the songs make you feel like you have known them forever. The focus of the songs is not on the lead singer, in fact you can hardly hear him most of the time. The focus instead lies on sounds you hear during fulfilling moments – like the sound of wind chimes in the breeze or the rush of ocean (see Lonesome Dreams). The highlights for me were She Lit a Fire and The Stranger (which closed the set).

Alt-J entered a short 45 minutes later to the likes of Rack City, I kid you not. The show was sold out and crowd was electric – with their favorite songs dropping edgy beats. There was a noticeably sensual vibe to the entire show – at one point there was a girl who snuck on the stage in a bra dancing to Fitzpleasure (which if you know what the song is about… it was quite questionable.) But overall, the night had been everything I had wanted, which was impressive because my expectations were high. Dissolve Me was my favorite to see.


Welcome to the blog!!! It’s like I want it to be perfect & captivating and to sell you on everything I am preaching… But that probably isn’t going to happen. So I’m just going to put this stuff out there and hope you like it. To give you a little idea about why I am here writing this :

  • If I wanna get any kind of fanbase (fandom?) which… I’m not sure I want… Hmm… starting over
  • If I wanna get anyone to R E A D this blog – which I do want (there has got to be a purpose for writing it right?) I’ve got to make it relevant – which is what I aim to do
  • I hope to spread the word on some great music that I did not create but I think deserves to reach your ears. I know I don’t have credibility yet … just … trust me.
  • Comment on some popculture media (NOTE: Miley Cyrus will not be on this blog)
    • Yet she’s already made it into my first blog post…. damn
  • And give some cool vibes on upcoming concerts/festivals
  • I would say my taste is a mix between alternative and pop… better known by Pitchfork as EDM-influenced sludgy sub-pop (….who ever knows??)

So, without further ado…

You must check out Pacific Air. These guys are too damn good to not make my first post. I want adventure when I hear their music. Which I feel like is one of the coolest things about listening to music… Want to GO DO you know? Give it a listen, “feel it out.” I would say Float and Move are my top contenders.